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Hi, this is IAM, John's
personal instant absence
messenger. John is in a
meeting and can't pick up
your call. Please try again at 4
Powered by IAM.

Your Instant Absence Messenger

You're in a meeting, at the gym,
or simply busy and cannot answer calls?

IAM takes care of it and communicates
the reason of your absence and your
availability to the caller.

IAM is 100% Free!

No hidden fees, no registration, no emails,
no passwords, in fact even no data on any cloud.

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How does IAM work?

Let's say Mike calls John. John is in a meeting though and cannot pick up Mike's call. IAM instantly checks John's reason of absence (calendar entries, his activity, such as driving, or cycling, or his location etc.) and sends an instant message to Mike, letting Mike know, why John is not available and when he will be available again.

IAM is as simple, effective and genius as that!

IAM values your privacy.

IAM does not require a registration, no passwords, no email.
In fact we don't save any data on any clouds or servers anywhere
All data remains in the app, within the local device of the user.

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No privacy issues, no registration, no hassle:
just a free app to help you communicate better!